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  • Angelena Markova

Levain Cookies — Are they worth the hype?

When I think of heaven, my mind automatically goes to everyone's childhood favorite dessert ­­ — the chocolate chip cookie. What's better than a gooey, doughy cookie with crispy edges stuffed with chocolate? Honestly, just about nothing.

As an avid baker who just so happens to make scrumptious chocolate chip cookies, I couldn't help but wonder if Levain cookies are worth the hype.

So naturally, while roaming the streets of New York a few weeks ago, I just had to snag this famous cookie. I'm devoted to the classics, making their signature two chip chocolate chip cookie the obvious choice.

And what did I think? It was truly delectable. A godsend, if you will. This little 6-ounce ball of dough transformed my whole world, and I think it will do you the same favor. But do be warned — these cookies are GOOEY. If you're the crispy cookie type who doesn't enjoy a raw cookie dough center, I would steer clear of this goodness.

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