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About Us

The News Connect aims to educate and inform Gen Z on important issues that must be addressed. With so much chaos in the world, News Connect hopes to spread awareness and entertainment to people everywhere. News Connect offers articles on current events that are guaranteed to cultivate a closely-knit community of teens. 

Meet the Founder

My name is Angelena Markova, and I’m the founder of News Connect. I hope that News Connect will help teens become informed and spread awareness of relevant societal issues. My goal when I created News Connect was to give my generation a voice and a safe place to express ourselves. News Connect intends to educate Gen Z on current political events while shedding light on the mental health problems teens struggle with on a daily basis. We aim to share information not only on sensitive subjects but on light-hearted topics as well! 

Through News Connect, I aim to inspire teenagers to stay curious and take action on problems they are passionate about.

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